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The very dense growth of this plant is highlighted by foliage of a bluish-green color.

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A Japanese garden juniper, scientific name Juniperus procumbens, is an extremely low growing, coniferous, evergreen shrub.

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Japanese names are used in Japan and in Japanese communities throughout the world.The size of a bonsai plant can range anywhere from six inches to approximately 36 inches in height or taller.One of the most basic principles employed in Japanese landscape decor is the idea of creating a balanced artistic space filled with the solitude that lush foliage will bring.Considering that I have a list of nearly 200 cultivars that I have offered for sale over the years, that is a startling amount.

A dense mound of ground-hugging branches that radiates from the center.

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Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener.Tree Symbolism and Meanings with photos of the trees, symbols and symbolic interpretations of trees - discover the ancient mystical and magical meaning of trees from all over the world.

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Juniper trees and shrubs are in the genus Juniperus in the cypress (Cupressaceae) family.Bright green new growth turns a handsome blue-green as it matures.

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Blue Pfitzer junipers are often trained into pom-pom shrubs prior to arriving at the garden center to be sold to the public.The Art of Bonsai is a perfect hobby that brings you balance of harmony and relaxation in the universe.

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Shimpaku is a naturally irregular vase shaped Juniper and this specific tree has been trained to have a coiled trunk and coiled branches.Whether you are looking for a steely blue groundcover or a tall tree for a privacy hedge, junipers fill the job.

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Juniperus procumbens is a low-growing shrubby juniper native to the southern Japan.


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Fermented Juniper Berry Juice (aka smreka), is a sour and refreshing, lemonade-like beverage, perfect for quenching the thirst on a warm evening. (BOSANSKI) Almost everyone who comes to Sarajevo in late spring is surprised by the variety of unusual yet tasty homemade juices available at local cafes.

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Junipers, also known as Juniperus, are a large group of evergreen conifers used as upright specimens, as groundcovers or accents in rock gardens.The Japanese Shimpaku Juniper is a needled dioecious evergreen meaning there are separate male and female plants.

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These evergreen conifers feature leaves that can either be like needles or scales, and most of the species change from needle form to scale form as they mature.This ground hugging Juniper provides a dense mound of branches that radiate from the center.

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper - Juniperus procumbens 'Nana

Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree is approximately 10 years old, planted in 10 inch ceramic container Perfect for patio and outdoor areas, requires bright lighting and moist watering conditions Bonsai Tree averages 12-14 inches in height with 14-18 inch spread.

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The Juniper varieties are probably the most popular, especially in Japan, and look stunning.The Japanese Juniper is a hardy evergreen, found in temperate regions of the world.Height: Tree height from the soil line to the top of the apex is 5.

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Bonsai is considered an art, just like flower arranging and painting.Chic Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tremendous is the best from Other design ideas to get great home Other.

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They are evergreen coniferous trees or shrubs, which are very popular for Bonsai purposes.The Japanese juniper tee (Juniperus procumbens) is an evergreen shrub that works well in borders, topiaries, rock gardens and areas where erosion control is needed.Canopy: The canopy is well proportioned and measures 12 wide.


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